When I get an email from John O’Sullivan and Changing the Game Project, it gets my attention.  They put out high quality, practical, helpful posts.  We have linked to their stuff in the past.  When I get an email from John that says it’s one of the most important blog posts they’ve ever put up, I know we’re looking not just at a “must-read”, but also probably a “must-do”.

The post from Changing the Game is linked here, and it is entitled “Coaches, Stop ‘Dealing With Parents’ and Start Engaging Them”.  It was originally written by Nate Sanderson of Breakthrough Basketball.  As I read through Nate’s ideas, I realized that much of what he has implemented is right in line with what Coaches discuss in our CFC Coaching Life Groups.

When we completely understand and embrace a transformational view of the coaching we do, parents become our trusted allies.  When we can help them see our purpose for coaching, they begin to see us as someone who sincerely wants nothing but great things for their child — and has a plan and strategy designed to achieve those goals.  The entire parent/coach dynamic is transformed.

Obviously, in real life, dealing with real people there will always be challenges, and there is no 100% fool-proof way to eliminate disagreements and misunderstandings.  That said, the more we can get coaches and parents to work together, the more our children win.

Merry Christmas everybody.  May God bless you all.