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Way of Champions

Listen in as CFC Director, Ryan Krzykowski, is Interviewed on the Way of Champions Podcast.


Congratulations to the 2021 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Lisa Cowan and Tyler Kincaid!

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On the Tee Box

On the Tee Box by Ryan Krzykowski There are a few common recurring themes in my posts, and this one's going to hit on a few of those.  I like to write about the importance of using words well.  I write about the importance of affirming the...

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Selfless Encouragers

Selfless Encouragers by Ryan Krzykowski We're now a couple weeks into 8th grade football and I'm very happy to be back coaching these guys who didn't have a 7th grade season a year ago.  There's really nothing like the beginning of a middle...

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Dreams by Ryan Krzykowski Last week, at least in the circles I travel in, it was all about Field of Dreams.  Everywhere I looked, someone was talking about Field of Dreams.  On Thursday, the Yankees and White Sox played an extremely...

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