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Way of Champions

Listen in as CFC Director, Ryan Krzykowski, is Interviewed on the Way of Champions Podcast.


Congratulations to the 2019 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Kim White and Bart Briley!

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Respect by Ryan Krzykowski Here comes a story that does not include the words Covid, Coronavirus, quarantine or reopen.  Or anything about how we're in this together.  Just a simple story that meant something to me last week -- perhaps it will mean...

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Looking Forward to Looking Back

Looking Forward to Looking Back by Ryan Krzykowski Someday all this will be over.  Our kids will go back to playing and coaches will return to coaching.  How long will it take?  What will have changed from what we had considered normal?  I...

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Seek by Ryan Krzykowski We all know the feeling of the search.  It could be our keys, wallet, phone or whatever.  We set it down and now we somehow can't seem to remember exactly where.  I once lost a sock while I was getting dressed -- checked...

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