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Way of Champions

Listen in as CFC Director, Ryan Krzykowski, is Interviewed on the Way of Champions Podcast.


Congratulations to the 2019 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Kim White and Bart Briley!

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Up In a Tree

Up In a Tree by Ryan Krzykowski When I was a little kid who loved sports, the Bad News Bears franchise was a big deal.  We had three movies in the 70's, and a couple seasons of a TV series (Nickelodeon showed reruns of it in the mid-80's). ...

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Kingdoms and Kings

Kingdoms and Kings by Ryan Krzykowski We talk all the time around here about meaning and purpose.  We end every blog post and podcast with the tagline, "Keep coaching with purpose".  Something inside us understands that what we do matters, and that's at least in large...

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The Journey

The Journey by Ryan Krzykowski On Sunday the KC Chiefs played in Super Bowl LV, and this post appeared on our site the next day.  Knowing that was the timeline, I was intentional about wanting to write this post prior to game day.  I didn't...

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