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Congratulations to all finalists for 2023 Metro KC Coach of the Year 


Meet the 2023 Finalists



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Congratulations to the 2023 Metro KC Coaches of the Year finalists

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Meet the 2023 COY Finalists

Meet the 2023 COY Finalists by Ryan Krzykowski It's been quite a few years since CFC first began recognizing a group of women and men who are out there making this city a better place, using sports as a tool to change lives.  We are proud to announce the...

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Starlings by Ryan Krzykowski If you've never seen a starling murmuration, you might want to check this out.  It is beautifully fascinating to watch hundreds of these birds move as a single unit.  How is it even possible for so many distinct...

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Humble by Ryan Krzykowski You probably don't need more people telling you how incredible Patrick Mahomes is.  It's funny how in a couple weeks a man can go from "if they lose to Cincinnati he'll be known as #2 behind Joe Burrow" to "is this the...

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