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Way of Champions

Listen in as CFC Director, Ryan Krzykowski, is Interviewed on the Way of Champions Podcast.


Congratulations to the 2019 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Kim White and Bart Briley!

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Stay Connected/Get Connected

Stay Connected/Get Connected by Ryan Krzykowski Two weeks ago I wrote a post called Coronavirus Really Stinks, when the sports world was in its initial stages of cancellations.  We knew there was much more to come, but we hadn't really begun...

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Coronavirus Really Stinks

Coronavirus Really Stinks by Ryan Krzykowski My youngest son is about to turn 12 and he loves the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Last week his oldest brother, home on spring break, picked him up early from school on Wednesday afternoon.  The two of them drove...

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Come on, Mom

Come on, Mom by Ryan Krzykowski Moms are pretty much the best people on the planet, and I know better than to thoughtlessly criticize one of them in a post like this one.  Therefore I will do my best to tread somewhat lightly, understanding there are a...

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