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Congratulations to all finalists for 2023 Metro KC Coach of the Year and

Arianne Henry – Female Coach of the Year

Matt Gow – Male Coach of the Year


Meet the 2023 Finalists



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Congratulations to the 2023 Metro KC Coaches of the Year finalists

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Seen by Ryan Krzykowski There's an old story about a single Mom-to-be, who many years ago was all alone, shunned and abandoned by pretty much the only people in the world who might have been positioned to offer love and support to her and her...

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Worth the Time

Worth the Time by Ryan Krzykowski On October 24 I received an email from a Coach I knew years ago -- it had been a while since we'd be in touch so this seemed a bit out of the blue.  The email included a link to a video he'd been involved in...

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Know Who They Are

Know Who They Are by Ryan Krzykowski In the summer of 2020 I had a conversation with my 7-year old niece, and she told me about her favorite kind of ice cream.  I filed away the knowledge, and a few months later I showed up at their house with a tub of that special...

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