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Congratulations to the 2018 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Jillian Carroll and Andy Sims!

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A City Transformed

A City Transformed by Ryan Krzykowski Over the past couple months, Community for Coaches has undergone a comprehensive self-evaluation.  I will spare you all the gritty details, but one of the items up for discussion was our ministry Vision...

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Not a Fan

Not a Fan By Ryan Krzykowski It happens all the time, and last week I got to see it up close for myself.  I sat at a 10-year old baseball game and watched as a brawl between two sets of fans nearly broke out.  The particulars of what led up to...

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Your Dad’s a Loser

Your Dad's a Loser by Ryan Krzykowski This one is going to be short and sweet.  Earlier this week I was sent this link to a video originally posted in 2014.  As I watched in horror, I began to get the sense that maybe this was a put on.  No way...

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