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Congratulations to all finalists for 2022 Metro KC Coach of the Year 


Top vote recipients:

Kathy Sawyer – Overland Trail MS – Female Coach of the Year

Adam Runyan – Mill Valley HS – Male Coach of the Year

Meet the 2022 Finalists



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Congratulations to the 2021 Metro KC Coaches of the Year, Lisa Cowan and Tyler Kincaid!

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Me and My Big Mouth

Me and My Big Mouth by Ryan Krzykowski It was not my greatest 7-day stretch.  There were three separate, unrelated instances of me letting my mouth get out ahead of me in a way that caused me to feel the need to circle back with people,...

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A Beautiful Week

A Beautiful Week by Ryan Krzykowski Back in August I became the "sometimes guy".  For a variety of reasons, this fall I didn't have the space in my life to serve as a full-time member of a coaching staff.  At the same time, as I looked at my weekly...

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The Real You

The Real You by Ryan Krzykowski Last weekend, Pastor Nathan began his message by asking, "Who are you?  Who are you really?"  He talked about how in our modern society things like work, geography and, to some degree, even family are more fluid...

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