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Congratulations to all finalists for 2023 Metro KC Coach of the Year and

Arianne Henry – Female Coach of the Year

Matt Gow – Male Coach of the Year


Meet the 2023 Finalists



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Congratulations to the 2023 Metro KC Coaches of the Year finalists

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Champion Teammates

Champion Teammates by Ryan Krzykowski This week I received another stark reminder of just how little remains of whatever athletic ability I once had.  Playing basketball with my two younger sons (19 and 15) in the driveway, I was pretty...

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Ancestors by Ryan Krzykowski A couple years ago my brother got curious and started doing some digging on an ancestry website.  He was able to determine with a fairly solid level of certainty that going back 15 generations, into the early 17th...

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A Little Boost

A Little Boost by Ryan Krzykowski Sometimes it's the seemingly small things.  I'll spare you all the details, but life has been challenging lately.  Work has been especially demanding, relationships have been hard, support networks have been...

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