2024 Coaches of the Year

Community For Coaches’ KC Metro Coaches of the Year Award exists to recognize and celebrate coaches who are using sport to transform lives.


2024 Coach of the Year Finalists

Below are the finalists for the Community for Coaches 2024 Coaches of the Year, along with the recipient of the 2024 Rising Star in Coaching Award, Anders Hanson.  Be on the lookout for a podcast interview with your favorite Finalist for CFC Metro KC Coach of the Year. 



Michelle Abshire –

2024 Metro KC Female Coach of the Year

Volleyball, Blue Valley West HS, MAVS, Blue Valley Rec

Coach Abshire’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Abshire:

Michelle Abshire is a passionate, hard-working, and dedicated coach. She has been a staple on the volleyball sidelines for decades. Her passion for the sport is contagious, inspiring her team to push beyond their limits and strive for excellence on and off the court. She is fiercely competitive, but she is equally as loving and caring. She prepares her student-athletes for the highest level of competition by developing their skills, teaching them a variety of game strategies, and building their confidence to face any challenge that comes their way. Coach Abshire is one of the most successful coaches in our area (and nationally), but the wins and losses do not define how impactful she truly is. She spends countless hours fostering positive relationships with her players, shaping their character, and mentoring them so they may enjoy continued success outside of the game. Michelle goes above and beyond to ensure that her players feel supported and valued. She is a remarkable coach and I support her wholeheartedly for the Community for Coaches Coach of the Year award.

Lauren Paccapaniccia

Soccer, Athena FC

Coach Paccapaniccia’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Paccapaniccia:   Lauren Paccapaniccia is a tremendous coach.  She actively engages in the lives of her players and provides the type of  guidance/coaching that makes athletes the best version of themselves, while also improving the overall team’s skill.

Amy Hoffsommer-Griffin

Volleyball, Olathe West HS

Coach Hoffsommer-Griffin’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Hoffsommer-Griffin:  Amy Hoffsommer-Griffin has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication and an unmatched level of care for the student-athletes in the Olathe West volleyball program. Volleyball, and sports, in general, is not just about wins and losses; it’s about the profound impact a coach can have on the lives of their players. Amy embodies this sentiment wholeheartedly. She works tirelessly to not only foster players’ skills but also to instill valuable life lessons, leadership skills, and a sense of belonging among all members of the Olathe West program. She builds confidence in the players that help them compete at the highest level on the court, but it also helps them tackle any challenge they may face in their personal lives. She empowers the young women in the program to be strong, independent, and determined. Under Coach Hoffsommer-Griffin’s guidance, the Olathe West volleyball program has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, and it is a direct reflection of her hard work. She is more than deserving to be awarded the Community for Coaches Coach of the Year award.


Aaron Davidson

Cross Country/Track, Blue Valley West HS

Coach Davidson’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Davidson:  Aaron demonstrates his faith by pouring into the lives of his athletes. He was the head coach at Shawnee Mission North High School for a number of years before transitioning to Blue Valley recently. He has made a huge impact in the district and among his fellow coaches, both at SMN and at BVW.

Adam Olerich

Basketball, Olathe North HS

Coach Olerich’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Olerich:  Adam constantly uses basketball to teach high school boys at Olathe North life lessons and that success comes from hard work and being about the right stuff.

Jerald Long

2024 Metro KC Male Coach of the Year

Football, Track, Pleasant Ridge MS

Coach Long’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Long: Jerald Long goes above and beyond to make better athletes and better people. He’s not just about winning games; he’s about building character, discipline, and resilience in every player. You can ask anyone who has ever been around Coach Long or has had kids coached by him and you’ll hear story after story about how he’s impacted their lives in a positive way. It’s not just the victories, it’s the personal growth, the lessons in accountability, and the way he turns challenges into opportunities for his athletes. But it’s not just about the sports. Coach Long is a rockstar teacher at Pleasant Ridge, and his positive influence extends to every staff member. He’s the kind of guy who practices what he preaches — the values he talks to students about, he lives by them every day. Additionally, Coach Long isn’t just a mentor when it comes to sports. He extends his guidance to fellow coaches, including myself. He’s been a huge influence in our lives, especially in navigating the challenges of becoming new parents. Coach Long is incredibly supportive and insistent on prioritizing our kids and families while finding a balance. There isn’t a thing I could ask Coach Long for help with that he wouldn’t drop everything to assist us with. He even holds a standing offer to babysit our kids so that his coaches can enjoy date nights with our spouses. So, when you talk about Coach of the Year, Coach Long isn’t just a nominee, he’s the heart of Pleasant Ridge, shaping lives and making a difference that goes way beyond any game.

Anders Hanson –

2024 Rising Star Award Recipient

Cross Country/Track, Olathe East HS

Coach Hanson’s podcast interview

What was shared about Coach Hanson: Anders is incredibly relational and encouraging to all the runners he works with at Olathe East. He is able to meet student athletes where they are, and make them feel valued as individuals, not simply by their performance. He brings an enthusiasm and joy to practice, and he is a terrific listener.


NOMINATIONS DUE - February 18, 2024








Beginning on February 1st, nominations will be live online at communityforcoaches.org.  Athletes, parents, administrators and other Coaches are encouraged to nominate a deserving Coach.  These are women and men who are making a difference in communities, families and the lives of individuals.  This is your chance to let the world know about your favorite Coach!  

Nominations will run from February 1 – February 18, and the CFC selection team will announce the finalists on April 1st.


FINAL VOTING ENDS - April 17, 2024








Final Voting Process

Once the finalists have been determined, the online voting will begin at communityforcoaches.org.  Voting is scheduled to run from April 1 – 17.

The coaches (1 male, 1 female) receiving the most votes will be selected as our 2024 KC Metro Coaches of the Year!


AWARDS BANQUET - May 5, 2024








Awards Banquet

Our 2024 KC Metro Coach of the Year awards ceremony will be held on May 5 at Meadowbrook Park in Prairie Village.  Our finalists will all be recognized and we’ll announce the leading vote getters for 2024 KC Metro Coaches of the Year!  



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