If you have taken the incredibly critical step of defining your purpose as a Coach, then you have begun to see and feel the difference those words and ideas are making in people’s lives.

Now imagine an entire city filled with Coaches at all levels, who are intentionally and effectively using the gift of sports to transform the athletic experience, impact lives, and change the world for the better.

At Community for Coaches, we are working toward the day when every Coach at every level in our city is Coaching With Purpose, and we are challenging the Coaches of Metro KC to submit their “Coaching With Purpose Statements”. 

We are praying for 1000 KC-area Coaches to submit their Purpose Statements on our website, joining together as a true community of Coaches — women and men united and working together to make our city a better place.

Are you ready to join the 1K Challenge today?

Scroll down below and use the form on the page to submit your Coaching With Purpose Statement!