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Entering the Second Dimension

ENTERING THE SECOND DIMENSION By Ryan Krzykowski In his outstanding book 3D Coaching, Dr. Jeff Duke writes about the importance of coaches reaching athletes at a level beyond what he describes as the first dimension.  The first dimension consists of the "nuts and...

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How Inconveniences Could Be the Key to Connection

If you have ever coached 8 or under kids, you know the frustration with shoes. It’s amazing how many times I find myself bending down to tie a kid’s shoe. I often wonder how much of practice or a game is wasted because we have to wait to tie a kid’s shoes. I’ve got...

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Make a Connection

This was all over the news a month ago, but in case you happened to miss it --Barry White Jr., who teaches 5th grade in Charlotte, NC begins each school day with a special handshake with each student.  As I watched the video, it reminded me of the importance of...

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