by Ryan Krzykowski

You might not believe this, but I’m not much of a social media guy.  I find Twitter and Facebook exhausting, have done nothing with TikTok, and have kept all of it to pretty much a bare minimum in my life.  Just enough to be functional in today’s society…just barely.  If I venture into YouTube, I know what I’m looking for.  I’m not too interested in being fed content by the algorithm.  That is, until the Chiefs win the Super Bowl again and I can enjoy a variety of interviews, highlight reels and mini-movies.  Those are fantastic.

So when I stumbled upon an interview that Andy Reid gave Peter King in some broom closet immediately after the game last month, I decided to check it out.  Peter King is a football writing legend who was planning to retire after the Super Bowl, and I’m assuming he has.  Apparently Coach Reid granted the unusual access since the two have become close over the years, and in appreciation for all Peter King has done to help grow the NFL’s vast public imprint.

This video was gold — we saw a man who was humble, grateful and intentional.  We heard about the vibe around the Chiefs’ team — the positivity, refusal to point fingers and lessons in leadership.  I watched this video and left it feeling like a better coach and better person.  We are definitely biased here in Kansas City, but if you can take 15 minutes to check it out, I think you’ll find this conversation worth the time.  (Also, you’ll enjoy the two guys who stuck their head in the door to see what was happening and had to quietly duck out.  Those were fun.)

Check it out here:

Let’s Coach With Purpose…