My Varsity

by Ryan Krzykowski

They often go unnoticed.  We don’t see their names on Twitter or read about them online.  And yet, good luck having any kind of a decent high school sports program without high quality coaches at the freshman or JV level.  I’ve known some unbelievably good ones over the years: George Bond, Mike McLaughlin, Rob Garvie, Pete Seitz, and Ashley Admire come to mind immediately and there are so many more.  You can probably rattle off a handful of names of “sub-varsity” coaches who were exceptional and had an impact on hundreds of lives.

I heard this one just the other day when talking with one of my good friends, who happens to be a high school head varsity coach.  We were reflecting on the unsung heroes of these programs, the sub-varsity coaches, and he told me about the guy who coached his JV baseball team in high school.  As he and his teammates went out to practice one day on the old, worn out field that seemed a mile away from the school building, they found their coach carefully lining the field.  He was giving it great care, making sure the baselines were just right.  When they asked him why he was being so meticulous with the JV practice field, he told them, “Because you guys are my varsity.”  What a cool answer.  What a great attitude to bring to the field, and to share with the young players.  I hope that whoever I coach, 6th graders, actual varsity players, or anyone in between, feels like they are getting my very best.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…