We Can Do Better

by Ryan Krzykowski

I’ve known my wife for over 25 years, and at first glance she doesn’t appear to care about sports at all.  But if you look a little closer, you see that while she rarely cares about the score of a game, she actually cares quite a bit about the way sports impact people.  Last week we watched the final episode of a very popular TV show and it was an emotional experience for Erica.  A little embarrassed, she explained, “I wish sports were more like this.  I wish our kids played in environments that prioritize people.  I’m tired of the crazy.”

At CFC, we work to help coaches at all levels create environments that prioritize people, particularly young people.  We work to help individuals see a higher purpose for the games we play.  We want to see athletes competing joyfully and coaches serving selflessly.  We believe that everyone at a game or match is our partner as together we seek the healthy growth and development of our children.

One of the primary tools utilized by CFC is the Coaching Life Group, and these groups have been meeting for over a decade throughout the KC Metro.   These are small discussion groups designed to help coaches maximize their positive impact.  In the past few years, Alec and I have developed a two-workbook series called Coaching With Purpose, and since then we’ve been leading groups using the new materials.  This summer we’ll debut a session geared toward training and empowering coaches who are interested in learning about leading a group.  With specifics about the Coaching With Purpose books and how to best utilize them, along with general principles about leading high-quality discussions, we are here to help coaches who see sports as a tool to change lives and make this city a better place.

We would love to have you join us at one of the July Coaching Life Group leader training sessions.  They will be held at an office in Overland Park on:

Wednesday July 12 at 7 PM 

Friday July 28 at 2 PM

If you’d like to attend one of the sessions, or would like more information, please email ryan@communityforcoaches.org

Let’s Coach With Purpose…