Disciplined Communication

by Ryan Krzykowski

Joe Ehrmann writes, “If I was going to demand discipline from my athletes — in their practices, games and behavior — I had to demand it of myself.  As a coach, I had to discipline each word, gesture, instruction and command.  Discipline in communication is an infectious virtue — once we harness certain words, we usually begin to realize the effect all our words and gestures have on players.”

In the same section of InSideOut Coaching, Joe provides this list:

Nine Reasons I Swear

It pleases my mom so much

It is a display of my manliness

It proves I have great self-control

It indicates how clearly my mind functions

It makes conversation so pleasant

It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to my upbringing

It impresses people

It makes me a very desirable personality to women and children

It is an unmistakable sign of my culture and refinement

Clearly, Joe is having some fun with this list.  At the same time, what does our language and choice of words say about the value we place on people?

Let’s Coach With Purpose…