Still Pounding

by Ryan Krzykowski

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the football season I’m helping coach, about how even though the wins haven’t been coming we continue to “pound the rock”.  We keep doing what champions do, believing that when the process is right the results will come.  And while one game doesn’t tell the whole story, what happened last week in our final regular season game of the season was an encouraging step in the right direction. 

I won’t bother with all the details, but after falling behind 21-0 halfway through the 2nd quarter (definitely not the encouraging part of this story), they fought back and pulled out a last second win with a 2-point play that made the final score 29-28.  Coming from behind like they did is an indicator that our kids are becoming resilient.  They don’t give up and were willing to believe in each other until the very end.

So now that they’ve seen it, since they were able to put together this kind of a comeback in one game, we can help them connect the dots and bring that same fire to all they do.  Every drill, every workout, in every aspect of being a member of this program we pound the rock until it cracks.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…