CWP Module 2, Lesson 5

Lesson Five – Module Two Wrap-up

At the conclusion of Module Two of Coaching With Purpose, we have covered a variety of
topics. The purpose of this wrap-up lesson and discussion is to give coaches a chance to
pause and reflect on what they have gotten out of the previous four lessons. When people
take swimming lessons, they don’t merely talk about swimming, they jump in the pool and
do their best to swim. So now is the time to consider how these topics, some of which were
more philosophical and others more practical, will make a difference in you and the way
you coach.
Once you have completed Module 2 of Coaching With Purpose, you’re ready to move onto
to the next level. Great job and congratulations!
For discussion reflection:
1. What are two or three ideas from these lessons that have stuck with you? What is
something you had never thought of before that has made an impression on you?
2. How can a coach who understands the power/purpose of sports use his/her influence to
change lives?
3. What would it take to cultivate more of a family atmosphere on your team?
4. How do you plan to use the “put-up game” or “spotlight” activities in your program?
5. What is your Coaching Purpose Statement from Module 1, and how have you seen it
make a difference?