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Success. We all know that word, but what does it mean? Chances are that if you asked the next ten people you talked to how they would define success, you would get ten different definitions. You may run into a common theme or two, but the diversity of definitions would be undeniable.

And yet, isn’t success something everyone is striving for?


Craig Groeschel, a well known author and speaker, describes our challenge in pursuing success:

[Tweet ““Everybody ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.” – Craig Groeschel”]


The desire for success is universal, and yet our definition of success is all over the map. We are all running a race with no idea where the finish line is.

Enter: 7 Suggestions for Success.

In this series of posts, we are going to explore the meaning of success. We are going to ask ourselves the questions, “what is true success?” and “how do I get there?” Then, once we have defined success in a way that is healthy and lasting, we will explore seven suggestions for achieving lasting success.

As a coach, you are a leader charged with helping your team achieve success. 7 Suggestions of Success will help you define success for yourself, your team, and then provide a roadmap to help you achieve it. Stay tuned for more.