2015 Fall Extravaganza

Can sport be a tool to change lives? Absolutely!

At CFC, we believe that to the core of our being. Here’s the thing, though: while sports can change lives, they are only able to do so when a coach intentionally and purposefully uses their sport as a tool to change the lives of his/her athletes. Research has actually proven that sports alone often have negative influences on athletes in the absense of a coach who has a plan to use the sport for good (here’s a good link if you want to see the research).

At Community for Coaches, we exist to help coaches develop and successfully live out a transformational purpose, thus becoming agents of eternal change in the lives of those whom they influence. We work with coaches of all sports at all levels all over the KC Metro to help them develop a purpose and plan for how they can use their platform as a coach to impact their athletes for good. It is exciting work that is making a difference!

With all that in mind, you are personally invited to the first annual Community for Coaches Fall Extravaganza. 

Save the Date: Saturday, October 24th 

Location: College Basketball Experience, Downtown Kansas City (adjacent to Sprint Center)

Time: 6:00-9:15 PM

This is a night to leave the kids at home and a time for adults to enjoy a fun-filled evening together. Special thanks to some friends of CFC, guests will have FREE and exclusive access to Kansas City’s College Basketball Experience along with a complimentary dinner. There will be a time of reflection regarding the impact CFC is making in our community and we will also cast the vision for the upcoming year. There will be a number of ways you can be involved with CFC to make the next year a success! Please RSVP by using the registration button below to help us get an accurate count for food and activities. 

Community for Coaches Fall Extravaganza RSVP

We hope you make plans to attend and be sure to invite friends, co-workers or fellow coaches. This is going to be an incredible evening, and it’d be great to have you join us!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to let us know!