by Ryan Krzykowski

I’ve had some great summers over the past few decades — 1988, 1991, 1999 and 2001 come to mind immediately.  But I’ve never had one quite like this year’s.  My travel schedule from June 9 to July 8 was crazy, as I was home during that 30 day stretch for a total of about 59 hours.  And while I did wear myself out a little going from Kansas City to Paris to Lyon to Nice to Atlanta to KC (for 3 1/2 hours) to NYC to KC (for 2 days) to Joplin, it was spectacular, a month I’m sure we’ll never forget. 

All that travel also gave me a chance to read on the planes, trains and boats, and out of all the amazing things I saw and did, and the memories that were made, it seems possible that what winds up having the greatest impact on me will be something I read in Ron Bennett’s book Rethinking Discipleship: The Design.  Offering “31 Reflections on Authentic Discipleship”, Ron spends chapter 7 discussing how followers of Jesus are not simply remade and reborn, although those are significant ideas to be sure.  We are also officially adopted, and fully made members of God’s family.  The Apostle Paul writes of this adoption throughout his letters (Galatians 4, Romans 8), and Ron wrote something in his book that hit me right between the eyes.

“Our adoption…is a statement of our worth and critical to our identity in Christ.  One we understand it, we will never walk with our heads down again.”

How often in life have I metaphorically walked with my head down?  Far too often for sure.  How powerful it is to be so beautifully reminded of who we are because of what He has done.

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