Worth the Time

by Ryan Krzykowski

On October 24 I received an email from a Coach I knew years ago — it had been a while since we’d be in touch so this seemed a bit out of the blue.  The email included a link to a video he’d been involved in making, in conjunction with the KC Royals and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of KC.  Entitled Not Good Enough, it “explores the toll perfectionism takes on youth athletes and their mental health. From the Kansas City Royals and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, this film explores the mental health challenges today’s youth athletes face and provides a way forward.”

I was intrigued and clicked the link, and then saw the video was 45 minutes long.  Still in football season, with margin in short supply, when was I going to watch a 45 minute mental health video? 

After a few weeks, the football season had ended.  Some level of margin had been restored, and as I got ready for a treadmill workout I decided the time had come to check out Not Good Enough.  If someone had bothered to send it my way, shouldn’t I at least give it a look?

Well, I’m really happy I did.  Not Good Enough is important.  It is worth our time.  You might not have a 45 minute window available immediately, but whenever you do, take a look.  Everyone I’ve shared this with to date has been impacted, and has shared the link with others.  One of my friends commented, “this is a must see for all parents and coaches of young athletes.”

Why not find out for yourself?  Here’s the link.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…