In the past we’ve linked to posts written by John O’Sullivan of the Changing the Game Project.  John has written yet another post that nails it.  As a Coach, I will file this one away not only for my own benefit, but potentially to share with parents.  The post begins like this:

“I did not know there would be math on this test,” is something I say (jokingly) when I get a difficult question at my speaking engagements. Recently, I received an email from a frantic mom, and it got me thinking about math. Yes, math. When it comes to our current sporting environment, I think we often get the math all wrong. Here is the relevant passage from the email:

“I am so perplexed by the college soccer recruiting process.  We have been told that my daughter will not be able to play college soccer if she does not commit by the end of her Jr. year.  She is going to all these showcases and has the pressure of playing in front of a lot of college coaches and has no clue as to where she wants to go.  The pressure is intense and so unfair to all these girls. In addition, I can’t tell you how many teams I would walk by who were passing around Aleve or Advil like it was candy, including my daughters team.  They are playing injured and in pain for fear of missing an opportunity.  How does the NCAA let this happen?  I don’t agree with it but my daughter wants to play college soccer and has the ability to do it but only if we buy in to this insanity. What should we do?”

The rest of John’s post is linked here.  John, thanks for what you do and keep up the great work.  To our readers, have a wonderful Christmas with the people you love.