Your Dad’s a Loser

by Ryan Krzykowski

This one is going to be short and sweet.  Earlier this week I was sent this link to a video originally posted in 2014.  As I watched in horror, I began to get the sense that maybe this was a put on.  No way this guy could be for real.

I did a quick Google search and it turns out that the video is indeed a parody.  I found this article confirming my suspicions, that Coach Scott Bergin was spoofing some of the men he sees coaching youth baseball.  Turns out that thousands of people around the country have watched this video and become enraged at Scott, not realizing it was a gag.  (Some of Scott’s other videos are pretty funny as well.)  How interesting is it that we live in a world in which there would even be any doubt…that someone could believe that a coach telling little boys “if your Dad talks about just having fun, then your Dad’s a loser” could actually happen?  It makes you think.

Have a fantastic day.  Keep Coaching With Purpose.