Get Together

by Ryan Krzykowski

Sometimes a day just starts out right, and yesterday was one of those days. It began with a Coaching Life Group meeting at a high school across town and this conversation was beyond encouraging.The conversation was lively and initial topics covered included coaches’ treatment of officials, opposing coaches’ interaction with each other during games, and finally, parents coaching players from the stands and what can be done to combat this typically unhelpful practice.

Once everyone was good and warmed up, we moved on to having each coach share his/her Coaching Purpose Statement and talk about how that stated purpose would impact their mindset going into the upcoming spring season.  Each coach in this particular group is about to begin a new season with a new team, so it was a timely discussion.  

As I listened to the members of this group, it reminded me why these Coaching Life Groups can be so valuable.  This is a place and time where people who take seriously their calling to use sports as a tool to positively impact lives can regularly come together and make each other better.  Whether you live in the KC area or not, and whether or not you can routinely attend an “official” Coaching Life Group, let’s get in the habit of getting together with other coaches to sharpen each other, share best practices and talk about how to most effectively coach young people.  We are better together.

Let’s Coach With Purpose.