Accept the Invitation

by Ryan Krzykowski

I love both of my jobs — I’m blessed to serve with CFC and it’s a great place to be.  Additionally, I have the privilege of teaching high school in the KC area, and this year has been better than I could have imagined.  As I type this post on the last day of school, one of the more bittersweet days of the year, I’m feeling so incredibly grateful for the work God has called me to and the people He has connected me with.  If you and I know each other, that means you.  If we don’t, then hopefully we will meet someday.

Right now, looking ahead to the next few months of summer 2019, there are a couple specific goals that have come into focus for me, actually one in particular.  Because for all of the wonderful people and things in my life, I am becoming increasingly aware that my current pace of life might be unsustainable.  If not unsustainable, then at least not optimal in the long term.

I am convinced that God has not called us to a life of exhaustion.  Yes, there’s a time for everything and some seasons are busier than others.  But over the long haul He calls us to find rest — not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  One of the greatest promises of Jesus comes to us in Matthew chapter 11 when He declares, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”   I love this invitation.  I need this invitation.  It has been far too long since I have sincerely accepted this invitation.

In past summers, especially since I got back into teaching five years ago and have been juggling dual careers, I have worked to fill my summer calendar as much as possible.  My feeling was that I needed to go as hard during that season as I did during the other 9 1/2 months of the year, in order to prove I’m not some kind of slacker.  And for the most part it’s been pretty good.  I’m convinced we’ve done good work with people and have been making a difference in their lives.  All that said, I come back to the invitation of Jesus and ask myself, ‘Am I coming to Him?  Am I experiencing that rest He promised?’  And I find that I am not.  At least not like I could or should be.

So for summer 2019 I’m trying something new.  Or at least something I haven’t done in far too long.  I’m still doing the job, meeting with coaches and helping our team put plans together for CFC in 2019-20 and beyond.  I’m just not worrying about filling every blank spot on my calendar with a meeting or task.  I’m accepting the invitation to come to Jesus.  I’m accepting the invitation to abide in Him and find rest, leaving my weariness and burdens at His feet.  I’m continuing to learn how to be still and quiet, content to wordlessly be with Him for 20 minutes rather than just 20 seconds.  I’m asking Him to guide my days, my meetings and my pace.  I’m grateful for a season that allows for reflection and needed change, and I’m eagerly and expectantly anticipating whatever He chooses to do with me over these next few months as I draw near to Him.

Let’s Coach With Purpose.