Asking for Help

by Ryan Krzykowski

Typically our CFC team uses this blog space to provide a service — we seek to encourage coaches at all levels to “Coach With Purpose”.  We want to help these women and men make the most of their opportunity to do good in the lives of our children.  I’m certain we don’t do this work perfectly, but we are committed to the Vision of “A City Transformed”, believing that as coaches most effectively use sports to develop young people and change lives, the collective benefit to our community significantly affects everyone.  In this season of COVID, we have maintained our focus and launched a new round of Coaching Life Groups utilizing new discussion content we developed over the summer.  We work with coaches individually as well, providing mentoring and training designed to help them grow personally, professionally and spiritually.  Bottom line — things are challenging and we’ve had to adjust, but we are in this for the long haul and are here to help.

We also need your help…

Like many non-profits, Community for Coaches relies on the generosity of individuals and families to financially support the work we do, providing the support and training mentioned above.  There are many who contribute on a monthly basis, providing a much needed funding backbone for this effort.  Additionally, each fall for the past five years we have held a major in-person fundraising event that has comprised a sizable portion of our annual budget.  This year we were unable to host our typical large, indoor event.  So we came up with a Plan B – an outdoor “Night of Jazz” planned for October with a guest list much smaller than our normal gatherings.  As it turned out we ended up deciding to cancel the Jazz Night, and so we find ourselves facing a fall with no in-person fundraiser event.

So we got creative, came up with the idea for a “Phantom Night of Jazz”,  and decided to reach out to our friends and supporters, asking them to consider a gift this fall.  We regret not having the opportunity to provide an evening’s entertainment, but we hope our track record in the community will inspire many to make a contribution to keep CFC strong.  Our budget has been trimmed, and we continue the work of serving those who serve our kids and families.  Will you help us continue?

If you’ve got any history reading this blog, you know this type of request is unprecedented.  These are indeed challenging times and yet the opportunity to make an impact is as great as ever.  Take a look at this video to meet some of the coaches we work with and the athletes they serve:

Would you consider a gift to CFC?  If so, you can visit our giving page here.  Thanks very much for your consideration and generosity.  We are beyond grateful.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…