A Purpose Update

by Ryan Krzykowski

For nearly nine years, I’ve gone with this: I coach to help young people develop a love for sports and a love for others that will steer them toward becoming someone who will change the world for good.  Sitting in a workshop led by Joe Ehrmann in 2012, those words came to me and over time have significantly shaped my view of sports, coaching and the incredibly valuable relationships I’ve been blessed with.

For the past nine years, in the dozens of Coaching Life Groups I’ve had the privilege of leading, when the group would come to the lesson about creating a Coaching Purpose Statement, I already had mine.  No need to mess with something that works well.  It wasn’t broken — no need to fix it. 

For all the darkness 2020 brought us, and there was plenty, there were some bright spots as well.  One special highlight for us at CFC has been the creation of a booklet called Coaching With Purpose that we’ve begun using with Coaching Life Groups.  And as the lesson about creating a Coaching Purpose Statement approached, I began to wonder if it might be time to dig deeper and update mine.  I’m certainly not the same person I was in 2012, and the greater understanding I have of who I am and what I’m created and called to do could be reflected in my Purpose Statement.  So I decided to bring fresh eyes and new perspective to the process — thinking through core values I want to prioritize and build into young people.  Then, envisioning what those character qualities could produce in people’s lives.  I landed here:

I coach to help athletes compete joyfully, and to guide them toward becoming resilient, selfless encouragers who are known by their love for each other.

The new statement isn’t a departure from the old one, but rather a more fleshed out version with a little more focus.  I’ve only had a few 7th grade basketball practices since coming up with it — a very small sample to be sure, but I look forward to seeing how the added focus provides even greater clarity for me and a better experience for the athletes I serve.

Some other highlights/thank yous that deserve a mention as we close out the year:

  • I am beyond grateful for my family.  We got a lot more togetherness at home than we bargained for, and the incredible people in my home: Erica, Robbie, Jack, Will and Sam have provided immeasurable joy and blessing.  It hasn’t always been easy this year, we’ve definitely had our moments, but I love them all very much.
  • Our CFC staff team is so outstanding, and I can’t imagine doing this work without the fabulous teammates I have in Alec Lemmon and Sharon Thompson.  Sharon runs our events, and as you might imagine, this year brought one challenge after another, which she handled with grace and confidence.  Alec has brought so much to the table, and a real highlight of 2020 was the explosion of the CFC podcast, which Alec hosts and produces.  I recommend all the interviews and episodes, but if you’re looking for something especially fresh and relevant, his conversation with Kevin Wardlaw and Jeff Davis on youth sports club collaboration was something special.
  • The coaches who participate in Coaching Life Groups and otherwise interact with CFC are a tremendous encouragement.  Just last week I had the opportunity to meet with seven in a group over WebEx, and each coach shared a newly developed Purpose Statement.  I can’t tell you how cool it is to hear them share the words they’ve written, thinking back to when I first created my statement all those years ago, and know that lives are going to be changed in powerful ways as each coach seeks to faithfully live out their stated purpose.
  • The Board members and volunteers who consistently provide unbelievable support for Community for Coaches.  We would be next to nothing without you.
  • Those who support CFC by giving — some each month, others by attending events or making special gifts.  I am well aware that all our inboxes are flooded with financial appeals, especially here at the end of the year.  But if you would consider a year-end gift to CFC, we would be most appreciative.
  • Most of all, I am continually amazed by the love of a God who sent His Son to rescue us and redeem this broken world.  May the blessing and peace of our God rest upon you and your family this Christmas.

As this year draws to a close, Alec and I recorded a video designed to share some highlights and express our thanks.  We pray that great things are in store as we look ahead to 2021.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…