The Journey

by Ryan Krzykowski

On Sunday the KC Chiefs played in Super Bowl LV, and this post appeared on our site the next day.  Knowing that was the timeline, I was intentional about wanting to write this post prior to game day.  I didn’t want the outcome of the game and my feelings about it all to color what would be written here.  So I’m writing on Friday, two full days before kickoff.

After they defeated Buffalo in the AFC title game a couple weeks back, I read something about the Chiefs from the perspective of a fan.  It was point #5 in this post from  Written by John Dixon, we get a look at the mindset of a man who follows this team as they head into their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, and I loved it.  This section of the post especially grabbed me and provides a fantastic example of what sports can do to bring people together.

But on Sunday, I was strangely calm as kickoff approached. I knew the Chiefs could lose. I knew that even if they won, they could still lose to the Buccaneers in two weeks. In fact, they still can.

I was, of course, delighted with the big victory — but this time, there were no tears.

You see… a lot has happened in the last year, too.

Things are different now. I now know that all of this might last only for a few years — or for a decade or more. Who knows? But I am certain it will last for a while. Along the way, there will be many victories — and more than a few losses. But now I see that as a Chiefs fan, my satisfaction won’t be found just in those wins and losses. Instead, it will be in the journey we all take together.

In this case, we’re talking about professionals playing at the highest level on the planet, watched and cheered by millions.  At the same time, Dixon’s words could be applied to any group of people involved with and invested in a team made up of players of any age, at any level.  Winning is a great goal, but not the ultimate.  How much could it change things for the better if we could teach kids and their families that our greatest satisfaction isn’t found in our win/loss record, but rather the journey we all take together?

Let’s Coach With Purpose…