What a Year

by Ryan Krzykowski

No doubt 2021 looked a little different for all of us, but we continue to be blessed with the opportunity to serve the coaches of Kansas City and beyond.  The two volume workbook series, Coaching With Purpose, is proving to be a high-quality tool to help coaches think through what we do, and why/how we do it.  The CFC podcast is going great, and Alec is doing a very good job on those interviews.  At our core, we keep working to honor God while helping coaches maximize their positive effect on lives.

A win for us comes when we help one coach create something like this:

I coach to help kids learn confidence by providing a safe place to practice, fail and master their skills.

I coach to show kids that hard work, perseverance and strength will go a long way in sports and all aspects of life. 

Many, many thanks to all who have supported CFC this year.  If you’d like to make a year-end contribution, you can do so through our giving page with The Navigators.  May God bless you in 2022.

Let’s Coach With Purpose…