by Ryan Krzykowski

The week before Christmas, Alec and I had the opportunity to interview Fred Merrell for the CFC podcast.  Coach Merrell spent nearly 50 years working with young athletes in a handful of different high schools, mostly in the Kansas City area.  He was the head football coach at Blue Springs HS, Shawnee Mission South, and St. Mary’s in Independence, among other stops on his coaching journey.  More bio information is here, on Coach Merrell’s Missouri Sports Hall of Fame page.

Listening to Coach Merrell talk about the years he spent working with kids, and his desire to use sports as a tool to change lives provided us with a powerful reminder that the Mission and Vision of CFC aren’t really anything we’ve created ourselves, but rather ideas that build upon foundations that were set in place long before Alec or I ever landed in Kansas City.  God is at work, has long been at work, and I’m beyond grateful for those who have cooperated with Him in that work over the years.  I’m beyond grateful for Fred Merrell, and hope you’ll enjoy the interview.  You can find our conversation anywhere you get your podcasts, or right here.

As we begin 2022, the world is complicated and tensions can run high.  That’s always been true to a degree, but things might not look the way most of us are used to.  Sports can and should provide relief from tension and stress.  We should enjoy watching, playing and coaching.  We can make the world better and bring people together by way of these games.  Coaches, we can establish an atmosphere of JOY for athletes and their families.  That’s what I’m reminded of when I listen to wisdom from someone like Fred Merrell.  That joy is right there for us, let’s pursue it together.  And —

Let’s Coach With Purpose…